Real and Virtual Worlds : Week 8

Report on the progress of my program!

Gameplay DEVELOPMENT (Critical gameplay) that I am working on:

  1. Interaction with radio : still in the plan , and should be able to carry out
  2. Windflow : In the plan , should be able to carry out
  3. A decoration to represent the inertial : In the plan , should be able to carry out
  4. Front offset when vehicle speed down , in the plan , still looking for solution
  5. Driving will be not able to be in the plan now , as I tried really tons of solution and failed
  6. NPC support , developing , and it will be the main part that I will focus on since driving are no more included in this game.
NPC support

Current stage : You can summon your guidance with index button down, and it also create
: Dialog menu, narrative flow, most interaction solutions

playmaker breakdown
AI imteraction plan

I also spent a ton of time on looking for a good feeling of view in this project.
I used blender and maya to make my 3D model and substance painter to bake the details and reduce the poly-gon I used.
After devoting quite some time to learn, I successfully obtained the method to keep a good amount of poly-gons and remain an remarkable feeling of view.

Challenges I am facing:

  1. I might know little things on scene modelling, but I know few about coding. On solving the problem to let my oculus touchpad to cast a ray, I used a entire afternoon to google and test relative scripts…That was a nightmare. Also you might feel impossible for me to develop such a interaction system, and I finally turned my head back to playmaker, and I have already got some little experience by Alex’s project. It is still tough for me to finish the job by myself and I will try really hard.
    The interaction that you hit the index button down and summon your little AI guidance, and pair it to your UI/canvas, this single action cost me 6 hours to google and solve, but things will getting better as I’ve got more understanding on coding.
  2. Performance issue
    As I mentioned in the last pages, I spent tons of time in PBR workflow to obtain a better looking, as I would prefer to work in industry in the future, this time is worth paying and I am doing good in looking now.
    However, it also need more attention to the performance as I noticed that there are many situations when I am running a performance count, the frame per second drop under 80 when immersion may break. I may look for unity intergration for some modification on performance after all the layers of work done.

Use of space

To displace the player with the real one in the real life, he will :

1. Feel the wind cross his face by listening to a changing sound of wind
2. Interact with objects natively, such as a drag and slide with the radio
3. Detail in decoration in the space of a vehicle, as a representation of inertia
4. Slightly adjustment of position for the camera view in the space of a vehicle, as a representation of inertia
5. Recommended to sit on a soft surface and experience a native passenger feel.