Real and Virtual Worlds : Week 7





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The Digital Design Weekend at the V&A 2017

Day 11: 90 Days of Action Full Size

Today's printable is the full size version of the "90 Days of Action" printable from day 6. That day I created in personal size, and I liked it so much that I wanted to make it a full size. This size would be perfect for hanging somewhere to keep you motivated. You could also laminate it, use a wet erase marker, and reuse it. Find this and all the other printable at

6 Tips for Designing a Brilliant Business Brochure

Interaction Design and Educational Video Games: Motivating Undergraduate Students to Explore New…

Virtual rooms, ideal for Christmas parties! At any never-seen-before quality.

Proof Principle: FE Insight App

#Connection is more than just a buzzword

3 reasons why I’m excited for Bootstrap 5

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