Real and Virtual Worlds :Introduction and Research

Document of game <To Fuji>

Introduction and Research


My original game concept : It is rare in this post-covid world for having any fun to visit another country, another space, experience different kinds of view in a different country.

Figure 1, industrial design, all my former major about.Kyle Hyatt (2019) Aston Martin’s Lagonda All-Terrain Concept is a hyper-luxe electric SUV, Available at: (Accessed: March 6, 2019).

My former major and my FMP in BA courses is Automotive and Transport Design.

Transport design is a major on shapes and forms, problems and solutions, lifestyles and luxuries, and all of them serve the final“industrial production”.

What I would like to do is to create a method that have a potential to change people’s attitude/living rather than a single production.

And my first edition of FMP was about Virtual Tour and it was disagreed by my tutor.

He said that : We can’t do this, we are automotive designer, not games.

That’s why I choose to swap my major after graduation.

And that’s my main reason to choose this topic.

Figure 2, my recreation of a art photograph of Fuji town

There are so many different places of view that we missed, when no one could foresee one could be confronted with such a time that it is almost dream and illusion to go out and embrace some other place. And now we are all, at least for some period, birds in the cages now.

But things are lucky that Virtual Reality can make our dreams come true.


1. A post-Covid world, growing desire to go out and have a tour (voices)

Increased digitalisation critical to rebuilding passenger confidence

41% of people who took part in a global survey expect to travel much less, by any means.

over eight in ten passengers (83%) surveyed claim their travel habits will change — even once the pandemic has subsided.

Consumer Research Shows Promising Desire for Travel

2. Politics, forbids

3. Difficulty to drive abroad

For we mortals,

1. we need a wealth to rent a car and it is much more expensive than have a headset and to rent a car is an One-time consume

2. Limitations by laws and rules stop you from driving even you were there

3. Limited type of vehicle to choose

In the virtual world we at least can: (what do I want in this project)

You are free to explore anywhere, in and outside your vehicle.

You are not limited to reality, you can experience a place in any motion, any attitude, any variety you like. A famous example in Japan culture, as Fuji is a represent for many states of japanese culture.

Figure 3, the really Fuji mountain photography recreated
Figure 4,recreation of Fuji by digital artist
Figure 5 recreation of Fuji in anime EVANGELION

Places of arts is not only in the meaning of a place of interest in real life anymore in 21 century. Any new story developed, new art style illustrated by designers will reconstruct the meaning and the feeling of a place of interest and giving it more and more new meanings.

We are trying to figure what can we reach by doing this project, in short-term we may have something like a driving simulation but for long term, what we wanna regain is the displace of different reality that only Virtual Reality can provide. We would like to see player, instead of seeing and imagine limited in a flat media space, we would like them to immerse in the unreal world we provide and feel the same thing as our movie protagonists.