Final Project [Flora] Blog#6

3 min readAug 16, 2021


I know we have little time left for design when we are sitting at home resting for a study break. I am aiming at the best visual quality in this game and I have already developed many layouts for the “cabin” that players will go around. Models are created and some of them are given up due to bad shape or lighting quality.

The render in the current UE4 file is actually the 3rd gen of my design now.

current file
Used design

As we are pushing forward the design process, the render quality of my final project is recently done. I adjusted quite a lot in the designing process and finally approached the goal.

I wanna create a lonely feeling from the player itself. They spent time in the space I created, and they will get bored if I do not change my gameplay, as I asked many people around about the idea of “waiting” itself. It is hard to tell this is a kind of “gameplay” and I know I need to change.

When I was preparing the model and assets for the visual side, I am also thinking about changing the gameplay for a higher mark.

I need to make new research for a change of gameplay, but the core experience of this game is not changed, which are Loneliness, waiting, space traveling, emotion and feeling.

There is a blueprint of my thinking about the change and I am currently referring to some youtube tutorials to realize it.

The basic concept is that I should change the game and let it completely out of the content I am currently in. I know it is dangerous to make changes but I need it.

To fishing in the cosmic is romantic.

When I am introducing this change, I need to make reference to a classic net culture that happened around 2010, China.

People will write simple messages to say some secret anonymously and send it to somewhere else, who the sender won’t know at all, just for a vent as he could accumulate a lot of bad emotion day by day. The receiver, when checking his email in the morning, will get some message like this randomly and they could respond to it for some comforts, advice, or comments, but he does not know who the sender is as well. Drifting bottles is a hot spot at that time as people do have a lot of secrets in the heart while the net is not that popular.

Back to our game. Player fish in the cosmic, train or other scenes could represent loneliness, and they are fishing there, for drifting bottles and then answer to it or just discard it or even destroy it to avoid others will see it again. And they could respond to it, make it valuable for its sender.

I know I have no time to carry it out but I will try my best.