Final Project [Flora] Blog#3

  1. I want to create a feeling of loneliness. In 2.5D vision angle, I will make the player able to drag the view further until they can not see themselves in the space, and by doing so I create a feeling that humanity is no more than ephemera to the atmosphere, a single drop of water to the aqua.
  2. It will be more evident for players to grab narratives as the 2.5D locked angle is more holographic to first view and things on the UI layer will be easier to catch.
  3. It will take less time to produce and modeling thus reducing the amount of time on basic assets creation, and I can focus on making this game better by looking and play.
Storyboard 1 : universe watcher
Storyboard 2 : Retired worker
Scene arrangement for storyboard 2
Storyboard 3 : view outside Mars
Scene arrangement for storyboard 3
Storyboard 4 : The way home





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