Final Project Blog#2

Jul 5, 2021


This week I started my development on a single very rough storyboard.

In the first scene, the protagonist is in the space cabin, looking at Mars and the space station he used to stay in. It is necessary to have these models ready to test out Unreal Engine as I just begin to learn how this engine works, so I started to create the test scene to make sure the work goes well in the next month.

After these works, I am pretty confident about the visual goal I am about to achieve.

Reference image for the space station concept(Sorry I can’t find the URL anymore)
Designing, Modeling high mesh with good details
Finished modeling and had a rough render to let me have a visual goal.
Remesh it and add some texture with SUBSTANCE PAINTER to make it more fun
part of the normal texture
The textures I modified
Drag into UE4 to test out