Final Project Blog#1

This project is to create the immersive feeling of traveling in space and train my skill on Unreal Engine to get ready for work.

Inspired from the movie <interstellar>

The final project I am going to put my efforts into is all about describing the feeling of loneliness and helplessness in space travel.

The initial purpose of this project is to demonstrate my UE4 ability and get more ready for work, so the focus will be on assets creating and scene management.

So the narrative and gameplay of this game work for my purpose to show what I learned during last year. It will be a walking simulator, containing several scenes to describe an astronaut’s way home.

The narrative is really simple. You are an astronaut traveling from Mars to home. Nothing crazy, no heroism, and you are also not a savior, you are just quitting your work and go back home to see your wife Flora again as your 10-year’s shift ended, and it takes 3 years traveling space in a shallow flying cabin, and after the 3-years space travel in a cabin you will have to take a train home.

There will be three main scenes and the transits between scenes.

Moodboard for the beginning of the journey
Spacestation on Mars
In the space shift cabin
In the train home

It is a walking simulator, but the actual gameplay that players do is “wait”. You need to wait 3 years in the cabin until you get on earth and when you are on earth you still need to wait for a train and then wait inside the train to transit. Players can walk in the space cabin until they go to their slumber and freeze themselves in the life maintenance institute. During the process, you can walk around and see the old picture of your wife and check e-mail in the control terminal to understand the narrative better.

By designing the environment in the journey, it shows how the protagonist feels. For example, when the player is in the train cabin, the train shakes a lot and it represents the anxiety of the protagonist. When the player still for a while the protagonist will keep looking at the watch he wears. It helps the player to feel they are actually there.

The game only has one line in the end scene, where the protagonist hangs on the doorway of his home to wait for the door to open, and after the door opens, the camera fades away and the protagonist says his wife’s name with a complex feeling: “Flora…”, which will be the last and only line in this game.

This week I constructed the direction and basic concept of my final project and thus starting on working on my final project formally. Any progress will be updated in this blog.





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