Audiences and Experiences : Week 7

Read In-Game: From Immersion to Incorporation this week and had some little thoughts.

P115,Juul says: games are incompatible with narratives, as the difference between story time and discourse time exists.

I was thinking about this aspect before and always debates with myself for this question: where does the narrative of a game come from? Does it come from the interaction or the composed script? As the border of a game and a film gets thiner and thiner, a composed script gives the player narrative rather than the interaction, cause the interaction is also part of the script that composed by writers and be one part of narrative to run the story. Player’s interaction is controlled by rule, level and to my opinion the part we are playing is like to add either one or two pound on the balance, and the balance will or will not still be tilt, more or less but it keeps go to another direction. But here is how game in the flow of narrative should be different from orther form in my opinion: when you are playing, you deside how many pounds should you put on the left and in other ways you just watch someone else add a certain amount and the different part is that you have methods and timing to choose. It is not the answer you are given, but you to find how many pounds to make the balance flat, and it is you to feel how many pounds you should add and you do have choice.

As a design of narrative is a design to tell how the balance goes flat, the answer by the player will always be right. Good narrative gives more imerssion to the player in this aspect, as in cold war you have many “dive in” level and instead of being a honest guy who don’t touch a finger of the enermy if you killed anyone you met you can also pass the level and there will be no difference in endings or branches, but the difference happens on how your NPC teamate reacts. That is the trick. If the player put one pound on the left, then the story goes with the “one pound version” and the balance goes flat, and if the player put 2 or more pounds the story slightly changes to meet the player’s expectation. This detailed changes gives the player more place to explore instead of feeling weird on the outcome.

The game features immersion I picked is Devil May Cry 5. As this game picked a unique way to make you feel imerssive. The combat BGM is different when you are in different level of killing demons. If you are a awful player the BGM won’t goes to its climax and if you are a skilled player and keeps your mark high it will keep you on the climax section instead of playing a looping section.

Though it is nothing about narrative, it is about the concept of flow last week.

It is difficult to keep a “S” on mission and it is easy to just clear the level and go to next one. So they developed this system to make the player more concern about the BGM. In ideal condision: Player don’t feel too difficult or too easy in the process of pushing the level and keep the music in one section at the same time, and one certain section makes the player more focused on what they are on and also have a positive effect as it is a continuous feedback.