As time pushes to the middle of August, the blueprint of my game is written and I am doing everything in the plan.

At the very beginning of the design and thinking process, my game has only the core that we want the player to “wait”, but an important thing…

Since the last section, I had a general direction that I will make a walking simulator that contains some degree of narrative that happens in the space, recently I have dug greatly into this direction.

Some change occurs and makes this game different a little bit from the concept last…

This week I started my development on a single very rough storyboard.

In the first scene, the protagonist is in the space cabin, looking at Mars and the space station he used to stay in. It is necessary to have these models ready to test out Unreal Engine as I just begin to learn how this engine works, so I started to create the test scene to make sure the work goes well in the next month.

After these works, I am pretty confident about the visual goal I am about to achieve.

This project is to create the immersive feeling of traveling in space and train my skill on Unreal Engine to get ready for work.

Inspired from the movie <interstellar>

The final project I am going to put my efforts into is all about describing the feeling of loneliness and helplessness…

Document of game <To Fuji>

Introduction and Research


My original game concept : It is rare in this post-covid world for having any fun to visit another country, another space, experience different kinds of view in a different country.

Figure 1, industrial design, all my former major about.Kyle Hyatt (2019) Aston Martin’s Lagonda All-Terrain Concept is a hyper-luxe electric SUV, Available at: (Accessed: March 6, 2019).

My former major and my FMP in BA courses is…



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